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Executive Chef by profession working in the best Restaurants and Hotels in France, Spain and Colombia and passionate about photography since his youth. He began his photographic studies in Barcelona in 2006 and completed them with different workshops and international photographers such as: Eugeni Gay, Pep Bonet, Antoine d'Agata, J. M. Navia, Ricky Davila and Ernesto Bazan.

In 2008 he won a National Award the Lux Junior Award with the work "L'oblit de la Memòria" (Alzheimer). It is also selected in other festivals such as Traffic 09 , Jovenes Talentos Descubrimientos de PhotoEspaña 2010, PhotonFestival 2012.
He has made several individual and collective exhibitions, participating in social projects such as the IV and V INTERNATIONAL DAYS OF ACONDROPLASIA with Icatme and the Institut Dexeus of Barcelone, also with "Art per Tots" , social and educational project, based on Artherapy, at the El Submarí Civic Center.

Participated in "Tallers Robert Workshops BCN", and also with the campaign Legado Solidario with the Pascual Maragall Foundation in 2014.

It has been published in different media and magazines as PieldeFoto. La Fotografia,, F-stop Magazine, El Periódico i Witness.